University of Tübingen

The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) at the University Clinics Tübingen (UKT) is an established and well connected research entity located in the university town of Tübingen in southern Germany. It is funded by the government and public grants and its main purpose is to perform research, teaching and medical care in the field of tropical medicine. A focus of the clinical research group is innovative studies on humans. This includes Phase 1-3 trials, experimental infections and experimental medicine studies in Tübingen and as part of consortia with international partners including Africa. ITM-UKT has been investigator and sponsor of clinical trials and has an infrastructure for conduct, quality control and training in place. Scientific activities include vaccinology, tuberculosis and malaria research as well as human immunology. The group has decades of experience in training and technology transfer to affiliated institutions in Europe and several African countries.

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