Stichting TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI)

TBVI, the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative, is an innovation partnership that works to discover and develop new TB vaccines. It consists of two interdependent arms – the TBVI R&D Partners and the TBVI Organization. The TBVI R&D Partners are responsible for TBVI R&D activities related to discovering and developing new TB vaccines, and relevant biomarkers that can help to develop these vaccines. The TBVI Organization is the services arm of TBVI.

TBVI has developed a unique business model that combines the best practices from innovative consortium models with the strengths of a collaborative R&D support organisation that provides focus, prioritization and an enabling environment.

TBVI provides its longstanding project management and coordination expertise to support the coordinator (VPM) in its role to coordinate and manage the project.

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