First Day Insights from the priMe Annual Meeting


First Day Insights from the priMe Annual Meeting

The first day at the annual meeting of the pivotal priMe trial held in Entebbe, Uganda, was marked by significant discussions and achievements.

Key Takeaways from Day One:

Strategic Collaboration: We began by highlighting the power of collaboration in developing forward the VPM1002 vaccine developed against Tuberculosis and its impact on global healthcare. Strong partnerships are key to achieving our goals.

Sharing Experiences: The exchange of diverse experiences among partners enriched our discussions with invaluable insights.

Strengthening Partnerships: Fostering strong partnerships emerged as a key theme. These connections are fundamental in ensuring the success of our trial and, ultimately, a healthier future for infants globally.

As we anticipate Day Two, expect ongoing updates and insights from the priMe trial consortium. Follow our journey for the latest advancements in vaccine development and infant healthcare.

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